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Size 15 Elegant, Trendy and Sexy High Heels Knee Boots

It's November now and starting to get colder outside. The weather is still allowing people to wear regular shoes and pumps. Especially when you are attending an event or not going to stay outside for a long period.
However when it's going to be colder more and more every day, then wearing boots is better options, since it's more comfortable and warm. The cold will make your toes more sensitive and sometimes even painful. Therefore wearing boots and socks will protect your toes from the cold.

Size 15 elegant and sexy black leather knee boots with high heels. The boots has a very slim silhouette...

Finding a pair of boots that meets your expectations is not always easy. There is always something that you want to change on the design, whether it's the height, the heels, the nose, the color, the material, the wideness or even the size of the boots, such as size 15

Size 15 trendy black leather high heels boots with straps and buckles around the ankles. There are 2 zippers on the side of the boots...
Especially when you have size 15, which is larger than the largest women size available in the stores, then it's not going to be easy. I can imagine that although you have a size 15, still you want to wear boots that meets your requirements and that is fashionable, trendy and comfortable as well.

Size 15 fashionable black knee boots. The boots have leather fronts and braided fabric at the back. Just below the knees the boots have shear straps at the back...
I love boots with heels. The high heels boots will make your legs look longer and will give you a slimmer silhouette. High heels boots are elegant, trendy, fashionable and sexy!  

Size 15 trendy two colored leather sexy high heels boots. The boots have black part in the middle that flows and go around the boots,which makes the boots very playful...

Size 15 grey suede elegant high heels boots with elasthane on the back side of the boots. The boots have high stiletto heels...

Size 15 black suede high knee boots. The model is simple but yet trendy. The boots have high heels, which are wider...


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